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Herne is a rural town located in the southwest of Flemish Brabant. The Pajottenland is quiet and you will find an oasis of green, a gently undulating landscape with fertile fields and scattered small forests. Pollard willows and poplars surround the countryside and from the hills you can enjoy beautiful panoramas.  Farmsteads and many chapels are typical of our region.

Walking in the pajottenland: 
walking network (760 km) 
Wisteria is located in the vicinity of No. 4-400 -403

Cycling in Pajottenland-Zennevallei: 
Wisteria is located in close proximity to bicycle hub 37-7

Both cards are available in Wisteria

Click on the cards and dot yourself a route.

route.nl - Biking in the Denderstreek planjeroute.nl - cycling in the nearby B & B Wisteria

Herne center 
500m away from Wisteria there is a bakery, butcher, bank, restaurant, pharmacy and small supermarket.

Sights within walking distance

3km A playful statue of Urbanus.

4km Park, castle, pool www.enghien-edingen.be

5km Domain For Rice ' www.natuurenbos.be/parkterrijst
12km Provincial recreation area 'De Gavers' with subtropical swimming pool, playground, beach, rowing boats. 
Manneken Pis in the market place + museum. 
The Wall of Geraardsbergen 
Tobacco Museum 
Museum with old tools t'Aloam in Viane. 
Specialty: Mattentaarten. 
Cinema Focus





20km Gaasbeek Castle 
Beautiful castle from the 13th century which was substantially restored in the 19th century retaining its romantic characteristics. 
It contains sixteen halls and furnished wich are adorned with many artefacts. The collection covers the Middle Ages to the 17th century period of decorative arts. The castle is surrounded by a 42-hectare public park and forest. 
Kasteelstraat 40 
1750 Gaasbeek tel 02/531 01 30
20km Castle Coloma 
The castle park contains one of the most beautiful rose gardens in Europe and shows thousands of blooming roses of hundreds of different varieties, some world famous in Europe, America and Australia. 
The rose garden can be visited daily between 10:00 and 20:00 from May 15 to October 30. 
Joseph Depauw Street 25 
1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 
tel 02/371 22 62

Weekly market in Jozeph Possozplein
Thursday and Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 
Local Products Center

Bosmuseum Hallerbos 
Hallerbos (560ha) is one of the finest Flemish forests with numerous tree species: oak, beech, maple, elm, ash, black walnut, various types of conifers and especially the giant sequoias and redwoods. They are more than 100m high and thousands of years old and stand in groups of six. 
The museum highlights the geology, history, flora and fauna of the Hallerbos. 
Vlasmarkt Drove 4 
1500 Halle 
tel: 02/361 18 70


20km Parc Pairi Daiza (Paradisio) 
Domaine de Cambron 
7940 Brugelette 068/250850


30km Slippery slope

Strepy Thieu:

35km Boat lift


15km Hertboom Windmill: the Mill of Captain Zeppos www.windmolen.be
30 to 40km By Train: Herne - Brussels: 35min / Herne station: 500m
25km Provincial Domain Huizingen 
The domain contains a recreation area and also has a magnificent park 
With a 4ha large rock garden containing 1200 species of flowers and plants, a sensory garden of 75 acres, perfectly accessible for wheelchair users, which offers visitors both spoken explanations and information in Braille, an arboretum of 55 hectares of deciduous and coniferous trees, woodland daffodil and -hyacinths in April and May. 
Henri Torleylaan 100 
1654 Beersel 
tel: 02 / 383.0020
10km Beautiful walks. 
The Cam (instrument museum) 
Taste Geuze and Kriek in our region.
Lessines 15km Hospital: Notre Dame à la Rose www.notredamealarose.com

And much more than we can mention, we suggest that you come and see for yourself our green, undulating countryside. It's worth the trip!


Breweries Geuze and Kriek

Brewery three fountains Beersel www.3fonteinen.be
Brouwerij Boon Lembeek www.boon.be
Brouwerij De Troch Wambeek www.detroch.be
Brouwerij Girardin Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle
Brouwerij Lindemans Sint-Pieters-Leeuw www.lindemans.be
Brewery Mort-Subite Asse www.mort-subite.be
Oud Beersel brewery Beersel www.oudbeersel.com
Timmermans Brewery Dilbeek www.brtimmermans.be
Geuzestekerij Cam Gooik www.oudecam.com
Geuzestekerij Hanssens Beersel
Geuzerie Tilquin Bierghes (Rebecq) www.geuzerietilquin.be
Brewery Cantillan Brussels www.cantillon.be



Explore the pajottenland with a scooter: